Do Frappes Have Coffee? A Complete Guide

Most people think of frappes as being coffee drinkers; while they can be, not all have to be. It is a blended drink so that you can make them with all sorts of different ingredients. You can definitely make that happen if you want a frappe with coffee. But if you’re not a coffee fan or looking for something a little different, you can make a frappe with all sorts of other ingredients.

There’s no denying that frappes are delicious. They’re rich, creamy, and sweet and can be made with all sorts of flavor combinations. But do frappes have coffee? Let’s take a closer look.

History of Frappé

The frappé is a refreshing, cold drink that has its origins in Greece. The word frappé comes from the French, which means to beat or pound. In Greece, frappés are made with instant coffee, water, and sugar and are often enjoyed with a slice of cake or pie.

The frappé was invented in 1957 by Dimitris Vakondios, a Greek instant coffee salesman. Vakondios was looking for a way to make instant coffee more palatable and came up with the idea of adding water, sugar, and ice to the coffee powder. He called his creation frappé after the French word iced or frozen. This drink has been marketed chiefly by Nestlé and is one of the most popular drinks in Greece. You’ll be able to find it at virtually any café you go to.

It quickly became popular in Greece and has since spread to other countries. In the United States, frappés are made with milk and ice and are often flavored with chocolate or vanilla. Frappés can also be made with fruit juices like orange or grapefruit.

Do Frappes Have Coffee?

Does Frappes Have Coffee?

Frappe is the Greek word for ‘rub.’ This refers to how the drink is made – by shaking or rubbing the ingredients together.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a frappe is “a frozen dessert made of milk, ice cream, and flavorings.”

So, based on this definition, it would seem that it does not necessarily have to contain coffee. However, many frappe recipes I’ve come across include coffee.

For example, this recipe for a Mocha Frappe from includes coffee, milk, chocolate, and ice cream as ingredients.

Similarly, this recipe for an Iced Coffee Frappe from includes coffee, milk, sugar, and ice cubes as ingredients.

So, it would appear that frappes can indeed have coffee. However, as I mentioned before, there are also recipes that don’t include coffee.

For example, this recipe for a Strawberry Frappe from includes milk, strawberries, ice cream, and flavorings, but no coffee.

Similarly, this recipe for a Peach Frappe from includes milk, peaches, ice cubes, and sugar, but no coffee.

So, based on what I’ve seen, it appears that frappes can go either way. Some recipes include coffee, while others don’t. Ultimately, it seems up to the individual recipe creator to decide whether or not to have coffee in their frappe. However, traditionally, frappes are made with instant coffee, water, and sugar. Some variations also include milk, cream, ice, and chocolate. These ingredients are all mixed and then shaken or blended until they are frothy.

Frappuccinos Vs. Frappe

Frappuccinos Vs. Frappe

Many people still mistakenly believe that Frappuccino and Frappe are the same. This is not true at all. Frappuccino comprises two words, “Frappe” and “Cappuccino,” which are the two ingredients that make it up. Frappuccino is a drink made by combining milkshakes and coffee. This drink is usually served with a portion of cream and syrup on top.

Today, Frappuccino is known as a Starbucks product. However, the father of this drink is a famous coffee expert George Howell with the brand The Coffee Connection.

The Coffee Connection is a developed and trademarked trademark for this beverage. After Starbucks acquired The Coffee Connection, Frappuccino became the exclusive beverage of the world’s largest coffee shop chain. And Starbucks has also changed the recipe from the original. They use other ingredients such as honey, caramel, syrup, etc., to create new flavors.

Frappuccino is a refreshing and tasty treat that can be enjoyed anytime. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, a Frappuccino is a great choice. And if you’re looking for something to enjoy with friends, a Frappuccino is a perfect choice too!

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What are the Variations Of Frappe?

Here are just a few variations of frappe you can make at home.

  • The first variation of frappe is the classic Frappe. This coffee drink is made with espresso, milk, sugar, and ice. If you want to, you can add flavor to this drink by adding a shot of flavored syrup.
  • Another variation is the iced cappuccino. This coffee drink is made with espresso, milk, sugar, and ice. However, you add chocolate to this drink instead of flavored syrup. It gives the drink a chocolate flavor that is perfect for those who love chocolate.
  • If you are looking for a frappe that is a little bit sweeter, then you may want to try the caramel Frappe. This coffee drink is made with espresso, milk, sugar, caramel syrup, and ice. It is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth.
  • If you are looking for a little bit more savory frappe, you may want to try the mocha Frappe. This coffee drink is made with espresso, milk, sugar, chocolate, and ice. It is perfect for those who love chocolate and coffee.
  • Finally, if you are looking for a frappe that is a little bit both sweet and savory, then you may want to try the hazelnut Frappe. This coffee drink is made with espresso, milk, sugar, hazelnut syrup, and ice. This drink is perfect for those who love hazelnuts and coffee.


Do McDonald’s Frappes Have Caffeine?

Yes, McDonald’s frappés contain caffeine. The Frappe at McDonald’s comes in many flavors, with 75mg, 90mg, and 130mg caffeine.

Do McDonald’s Frappés come frozen Before They Are Sent To Stores?

When they are sent to the stores, they are flash-frozen to maintain perfect condition and increase shelf life.

Can McDonald’s Frappés be Called Milkshakes?

Since not all countries use ice cream in their milkshakes, frappés made with ice cream would not be appropriate everywhere. The difference between the two drinks is that frappés always include ice cream while milkshakes do not.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s the verdict? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer. Whether or not a frappe contains coffee is up to the individual. So, if you’re looking for a frappe with coffee, ask your barista before ordering. And if you’re in the mood for a coffee-free frappe, you can always enjoy one of the many delicious frappe flavors that don’t contain coffee.

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