Aje Cafe

HI, we got breakfast & lunch items that will tempt your taste buds! Handcrafted fresh FOOD & DRINK! Friendly place & prices

About Us

Quick Bites

We know it’s tough to get out of work/home for a long lunch or breakfast. We’re good at getting you quality food, fast. Over 30 years of professional restaurant service. Call us anytime for pick up or dine in!

Fresh Ingredients

Casual shouldn’t mean stale food options. Great taste is the name of the game, and we’re committed to stepping up to the plate. We are dedicated to providing fresh options for our customers.

Stay Awhile

Have time to sit in? We have plenty of comfortable space with cool beats in the background for all. Relax, we’ll take good care of you; we have free Wi-Fi for all paid customers!

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